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CSWSC - mostly html with some php for easy editing



There is enormous variety on the web.

A good web site is more than electronic text displayed on a computer, you need an appropriate web address (domain name) and a reliable host facility (service provider) as well as the pages. If you do not yet have a domain name or a service provider LizR can include all of this in your package.

Sites can be authored in many different ways, commonly most sites (like this one) are based on 'html', with an element of 'javascript' included. If you have very precise graphical requirements then I would recommend that you consider a site with some 'Flash' content.

As part of the package sites are tested on a variety of platforms - including mobile devises - with a variety of browsers, and if you require a site can be independantly tested for usability. On completion your site can be submitted to a variety of search engines, some are free but others require a registration fee. Subsequently search engine optimisation is available.

Whether you require a new site or would just like an existing site reworked it makes sense for you to take advantage of a free initial consultation. An initial meeting is often more productive if you have some idea of a prefered design, but this is not essential. Please e-mail if you would like to make an appointment or discuss your requirements.


Bel Mooney web site - primarily 'html' with a 'Flash' insert on the home page.

Linda Blair

Linda Blair - a pure 'Flash' site.

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