Ambiente - samples of advertising campaign



A picture tells 1000 words.

Different images can alter the atmosphere of any published page. All the pages in this site use different image techniques for decoration, as a result they all convey a differnt feeling.

Images require sensible handling. It would not be desirable to allow text to flow over this image in its full colour version, however if big bold images are what you require it is possible to compromise between image and text.

Furthermore, if a web site holds many large detailed images it is critical that careful attention is paid to the appropriate compression, otherwise users may leave a site before the best part has displayed.

It is important to have a logo for a company or campaign, the same logo and images can be used in your adverts, promotional literature and office stationary - providing a full package that will give your company a unified corporate identity.


St Stephens Towerfund - the appeal brochure.


panoramas - not used often, but they can be useful. Click to download "zipped" example (view via a QuickTime player). Alternatively view the entire image!

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