Ruth Moser - an art gallery site that could easily adapted to cd-rom.



Take your image to the cutting edge.

Why not get a cd-rom made of your web site or have a specially produced interactive corporate overview.

You could treat a cd-rom like a business card. Why rely on your clients bothering to view your company information on the internet, providing them with a disc may better grab their attention.

It is expensive to produce glossy company brochures especially if you only require a small print run. In comparison a cd-rom could be more cost effective for your company and it offers greater flexibility to change as your products or business goals change.

A cd-rom authored in "Macromedia Director" has the ability to do much more than a standard "powerpoint" presentation, and if you require advanced graphics "Flash" can be incorporated into the product.


ascend - a fictional corporation, a presentation like this could be adapted for cd-rom. Flash 6 player required.


kitbooks - the product is a cd-rom containing 6 non-fiction interactive books.

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